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An experienced professional counsellor, I have been told many times over many years, that I am a calm and grounded health professional, passionate about my work. Counselling is such a privilege, seeing clients flourishing, living the life they are so worthy of. 


Throughout my professional career I have enjoyed many opportunities to learn and grow, I share this passion with my clients, students and supervisees. 


Over 35 years, I have worked professionally in NHS Medical School Hospitals, GP Practices, Cancer Support Centres and Community Health settings as Counsellor, Coach, EMDR Therapist, Clinician, Leader and Clinical Supervisor. Alongside my private practice now, I also work for an NHS Medical School Hospital in the Staff Support service.


An experienced Macmillan Nurse Specialist, Midwife and manager of NHS Women’s Health Services including IVF, Breast Cancer and Oncology Units in London. I have worked at St Georges Hospital (currently host to 24 hours in A&E London), The Royal Marsden (Cancer Centre of Excellence London), The Portland Hospital London ( IVF ) and the RD&E NHS Foundation Trust Devon in a senior leadership role. I have managed acute NHS gynaecological units including two IVF Units in London NHS Hospitals and a breast cancer unit. I have also worked for NHS Public Health and Clinical Commissioning groups as Health Diversity Lead and Nurse Consultant in London. 


As a Supervisor in clinical, coaching and counselling roles, I have always been passionate about supervisees thriving in their practice and as leaders.


Alongside my Private Counselling and Supervision practice, I manage and facilitate secondary breast cancer support groups in Devon and Somerset, as well as nationally online. People with cancer experience a range of emotions hence the support groups are a critical supportline for them. I also work for Penny Brohn a leading cancer support charity as a facilitator on their two day “Living Well with Cancer” programmes. I have been a Supervisor for Cruse U.K. a specialist National bereavement support charity.


I have completed an Accredited Counsellors training with the RNIB for clients experiencing sight impediments, blindness and retinal pigmentosa, learning about the specialist needs of this client group, focusing on living well.


Throughout my professional career I have facilitated ranges of professional conferences, support groups and wellbeing workshops which included; breast, ovarian cancer, miscarriage, infertility, hysterectomy, stillbirth, CCG Health Diversity Projects, HIV Chairites and carers forums etc.


Professionally I have been an Associate Lecturer at King's College London and Kingston Upon Thames Surrey Universities.


Often described as an innovator in clinical practice, I had the privilege of working on and leading ranges of NHS projects including setting up one of the first Early Pregnancy Units in London, the first still birth suite for parents and the first nurse led acute gynaecological outpatient service. 


As a Coach I have worked in the public and private sectors with clients experiencing work place issues such as stress, bullying, burn out, overwhelm, transition and reorganisation.


In 2012 - 2014 I set up a coaching school called Wise Goose in Devon with two professional colleagues, this work has been part of my legacy. It continues to grow under the Leadership of Helen Sieroda MD, https://www.wisegoose.co.uk


Originally from Southern Ireland, I have lived in London for thirty years and Devon for twenty. I am a recovered workaholic, wife and mother; passionate about mindfulness, nature, aromatherapy and cooking.


All of my work is carried out in confidential spaces, supporting individuals and groups enabling them to move forward with dignity in their lives.


What my clients say .... all anonymised 


Being diagnosed with cancer changed my life, I have found counselling so helpful. The time and space helped me to explore what is important for me in my life. Just being able to speak freely on tough subjects like my fears and anxieties safely without judgement. I feel so much more resilient and insightful now. As a Counsellor Annie has enabled me to grow and flourish during a very difficult chapter"


"I had no idea how menopausal I was; foggy head, heightened stress, rage and insomnia. I thought it was all a culmination of work and home stress or that I was at risk of having a breakdown. Wow! with this new self-awareness, I now have my life back. Counselling really helped my self-confidence; I now selfcare, putting myself at the top of my priority list. The whole family are so relieved, as a Counsellor Annie has years of experience in women’s health as an advanced nurse practitioner, she really understands women’s health issues and the impacts"


"Taking time out has been a life saver for me; it has given me back my real self.  I got lost in all the stress and anxiety in my life. I am now able to enjoy living, thank you."


"After the infertility treatments I was a wreck, I had to start over, Annie just got me! I feel so much happier, it saved my marriage."


"Losing my partner and best friend was devastating. I had counselling earlier in my life, but this time with Annie it was different. I felt totally heard and held, I was able to explore my life issues at my pace, helping me to clarify some major life decisions."


" I have just got through some really tough workplace bullying issues.  I now have the resilience and resources needed to enjoy work and family life. I have new insights into my stressors and use strategies to manage them, I feel empowered and calm at the same time, thank you so much"


"Counselling has helped me hugely to cope with the loss of my wife, understanding this NEW NOW, I never thought I would need a counsellor, it’s really supported me during this period of change in my life, it was too hard to speak with my family; but I can now, which has helped hugely for so many reasons "


" I now have a life thank you, I am living my life, not serving others, I am worthy! counselling has changed my life, I know myself better than ever and feel totally liberated thank you so much."


"EMDR has enabled me to live with a renewed calmness, I feel, I cope so much better with many aspects of my life, a burden has been lifted thank you, no other way to describe it"


" I feel free, I have found myself again, thank you for helping me to get out of jail and live the life I now live"


Clients range from 17 to 85 years, all with diverse issues as unique as we all are.


Email: infoannieford@icloud.com    Mobile: 07584 336873

As a Counsellor, Work with Police, Hospices, Hospice, Charity, Charities and NHS staff.  Military MoD personnel and family members. Farmerers, farming community Devon.

Create the change you want.

Annie Ford Experienced Counsellor and Supervisor. Covering Devon, Mid-Devon, MidDevon, Mid Devon, Cullompton, Pinhoe, Broadclyst, Honiton, Exeter, Whipton, Tiverton, Wellington, Taunton , Whimple, Whimple EX5 4PB  and EX15 1FE  and Somerset

Issues I work with includes Anxiety,Stress, Panic, Depression, Relationships, Rape, Mental Health Issues, PTSD, Trauma, Employment Issues and Counselling,   HIV, AIDs, GUM, NHS, Bereavement Support, Grief, Grieving, Mindfulness, Counsellor, Counselling,  Family Counselling, Group Counselling, Counselling debrief, Debrief Suicide, LGBT, HIV, AIDs, Cancer Counselling, Long Term Conditions, Menopause, menopausal, Retreat day, Retreat days, Stress, Mindfulness, Counselling Agencies, EAP, Retreat in Devon, Mediation, Couples Counsellor, Couples Counselling, Relationship counselling, PTSD, PTS, Counselor, Therapist, Healing, Wellness, Wellbeing, Cancer, Cancer Support, parenting, University Counselling, College Counsellor, CBT, Psychodynamic, Calm Counselling office,  charity, charities, supervision, supervisee , accreditation, selfcare, IVF, End of Life Care, Palliative Care, secondary breast cancer, RNIB, sight impediment, blind, blindness, retinal pigmentosa.

In counselling understanding Antidepressants , SSRIs, Serotonin Inhibitors, beta blockers, panic and anxiety. Burnout counselling, overwhelm counsellor.

Breast Cancer, Secondary Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Vaginal Cancer, ME, Fibromyalgia, Pain, End of Life Care, Palliative Care, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Cancer Surgery, Advanced Care Planning, Diversity, Health Diversity, Employment Counselling, Employer Counselling, EAP

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Counselling Directory profile  : http://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/counsellors/annie-ford 


Email: infoannieford@icloud.com

Phone:07584 336873 (Confidential line & voicemail)

I am an Accredited member of the BACP and adhere to their standards holding professional indemnification. The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) is a professional body which sets standards for counselling and psychotherapy in the UK.

Accredited Counsellor, EMDR Therapist, Coach & Supervisor, bound by the BACP Ethical Framework for good practice.


II have regular Professional Supervision to monitor the quality and ethics of my work as set out by the BACP.


Working in my office, outdoors and online. offering flexibility locally, nationally and internationally.


As well as 1:1 Counselling, Supervision and Group Facilitation, I faciliate 2 day Cancer Support Retreats for patients and loved ones for a national charity and manage Support Groups for Women with secondary breast cancer.


II am an experienced Mindfulness Practitioner and have found it so helpful supporting individuals and groups focusing on selfcare and stress management.


If you are in immediate distress or you feel suicidal and are in the UK then please visit the Samaritans.

In other countries, please contact Befrienders International.


Twitter: @Devon_Wellbeing

Instagram: Devon_Somerset Wellbeing

Email: infoannieford@icloud.com

W: www.annieford.co.uk




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